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Here's Why Creating Deals Pages With
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    97% of biz owners are desperately running deals
    and discounts to bounce back from the 2020 nightmare...
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    … but they're still getting SCREWED
    by deals sites like Groupon…
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    … and they're CRYING OUT for a better way
    to offer deals and win customers!

Now You Can Instantly Create Deals Pages
That Help Local Businesses Sell Like Crazy…

… And Save Them From A Post-Pandemic NIGHTMARE
They've Been Trapped In For Too Long!

Here's What You

URGENTLY Need To Know:


Daily deals sites are a $6 BILLION industry - but these deal sites are ripping off local biz owners by taking deep commissions on every deal sold.


97% of biz owners are running deals on their own website - but are failing to get sales (you'll see why in second...)


Biz owners are paying $100's to build simple deals pages on their website - which you can create in seconds without any code or design skills!

EZDealz Advanced Allows You To…
Create "Push Button" Deals Pages
And Help Make The Cash Register Ring
For Local Biz Owners Every Day!
Create "Groupon Style" Deals Pages Like This In 60 Seconds - No Skill Required!
Ready To Become A Deals Page Superhero?
Create Up To 100 Deals Pages For Local Businesses In Any town, City Or State!
If You Watched The Video You'll See Why...
Groupon Wants Us
But We're Making Way Too Much Money To Care!
(You Want Some Too?)

In the U.S alone, people spend $6 BILLION dollars on daily deals every year, but there's just one problem…

Local biz owners are getting RIPPED OFF by deal sites like Groupon who take a huge cut from every sale :/

We're Giving The Power Back To The People…


… allowing local biz owners to run their own deals pages that generate colossal sales…

… and Groupon doesn't like it ONE BIT.
But who cares?

These local biz owners have suffered enough in 2020…

… and it's time to give them the lifejacket they deserve.

You with me?

"Sounds Good Steve.

But Why Would They Pay ME

To Help Them With This?"

Because They Have NO CLUE
About Clickfunnels, Lead Pages Or Any Of That Crap...

(And Guess What? They Don't Want To Pay $100's Per Month For Those Tools Either.)

And you know what else they don't want?

They don't want to be pimping themselves out on sites like Groupon.

In fact...

Local Business Owners HATE GROUPON

Check Out This Horror Story...


(Trust Me, There's Plenty More Of These Horror Stories All Over The Web.)

But You Know

What Local Biz Owners

Don't Hate?

… Running Deals.

Super Feature!

Yelp Premium Account Sniper


Easily find and target businesses spending money on Yelp. These are the best customers for you to reach out to because many businesses are frustrated by Yelp's high prices, hidden fees and unfair, long-term contracts. Within seconds, EZDeals Advanced delivers you dozens of businesses spending money and offering deals on Yelp. EZDeals Advanced can also find you “Hot and New” Yelp listings, as well as Restaurants that accept reservations.

(Yep, They Freakin' Love That.)
Which Is Why…

They're Paying $100's To Build Deal
Pages The Hard Way!

(Look At This…)


Just Look At All These

Desperate Biz Owners Who Are STRUGGLING

To Set Up Deals On Their Own Websites…


This Is A


That YOU Can Get Paid To Fix In Minutes!


See, most biz owners want to run deals…

… but they have no idea how.

They might slap a discount on a product in their store…

… or put an ugly banner across the top of their site…

… but they're missing out on the

INSANE CONVERSION POWER of a dedicated landing page for their deals.

EZDeals Advanced Allows You To

Quickly Create Deals Pages

That Could Save Their Business!

C'mon, Admit It…
You'd Buy From These Pages Too, Right?

Ready To Help Local Biz Owners

Make Some Money


Look, Groupon is charging local biz owners up to 90% on EVERY SALE THEY MAKE…

(... and the biz owner is ALREADY discounting their product or service by 50% or more…)

… leaving the biz owner with PEANUTS.

Which is why…

You can easily charge $200 per month for a deals page…

… and biz owners would be crazy if they didn't SNAP IT UP in seconds!

In fact…

… they'll be probably be thanking you for saving them thousands per year on Groupon's crippling commissions!

EZDealz Advanced Is Loaded With

Money-Making Features

You Won't Find Anywhere Else

(And Save Them From Getting Ripped Off By Greedy Groupon?)


Find Hot Leads

With the click of a button, you can find businesses that are running deals on Yelp. This is a highly targeted market for local consultants.


High Conversions

Video Embedding, Countdown timers, Limited Quantities and more to help your clients send their sales into overdrive!


Mobile Optimized

The deals pages look awesome and work perfectly on any screen size or device.


Push-Button Simple

No coding, plugins or design tools. Create killer deals pages in a few simple clicks!


Fully Flexible

Customize everything or just use the templates out of the box. Perfect for beginners or pros!


No Monthly Fees

Unlike most page builder tools, there's zero monthly fees or hidden costs. And no hosting fees either!



Tons Of New Niche Templates


Fully Hosted Pages

(No Monthly Fees Or Hosting Costs!)


Publish deal pages to our super fast dedicated servers with no additional hosting fees or domain names needed!

Not Just For Local Biz Owners!

Anyone Can Use EZDeals Advanced To Profit...
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The Perfect "Foot In The Door"

Service Can Help You Win Clients Like Clockwork

Setting up simple deals pages is an easy "foot in the door" service to get clients without any of the usual resistance…

… and then upsell your other services with ease!


Create Sales-Getting Deals Pages

In Less Than 60 SECONDS!

No Hosting, No Learning Curves, No Hidden Costs, No Hassles.

Ready To Become A Deals Page Superhero?

Create Up To 100 Deals Pages For Local Businesses In Any town, City Or State!




Pro Templates

Get 10 x ready to use deal page templates in red hot niches…

.… loaded with scarcity timers, video and stacks more features that turn clicks into cash!


Total Customization

Tweak the designs. Switch out images. Add logos. Use your own text. It's all possible and super easy!


Add Engaging Videos!

Insert any video into your deals page in a single click or tap including YouTube videos!


Connect With Any Autoresponder

Enter your autoresponder details and EZDeals Advanced will hook everything up so your new page is collecting buyer emails from day one!

"Wait, Can't I Do This

With Other Tools Already?"

Sure, If You Enjoy Migraines And Losing Money


You could try some WordPress plugins...

… but they're clunky, buggy, hard to edit and lack dozens of the features you'll have at your disposal in EZDeals Advanced.

Or how about a landing page creator?

Sure, but they'll cost you $100's per year…

… and there's a steep learning curve…

… and if you cancel your subscription you lose everything.

(Plus, you have to build pages from scratch and format them for mobile devices. Sounds easy, until you're pulling your hair out at 3am with technical glitches!)

You Could Even Hire A Freelancer!

Ooops, forgot to mention…

… they'll charge you $100's…

… and it will take hours of back and forth emails…

(and that's JUST for a single deals page - YIKES!)

Or… you could invest in EZDealz and create as many deals pages as you like… in a seconds not days... for a one-time-only fee.

I dunno, hard to decide, right?

EZDeals Advanced Is Packed With

Sales-Getting Technology

You Won't Find Anywhere Else…


20 Proven Deal Page Templates

Pixel-perfect layouts and high converting designs in the highest paying niches, ready to go in 60 seconds or less!


Conversion Boosting Tools

Boost your client's sales with engaging designs and layouts, pixel perfect pricing sections, sales-boosting countdown timers and limited quantity


Sleek & Responsive

Cutting-edge, modern designs and mobile responsive pages will build trust and look awesome on any device or screen size.


ThankYou Pages

Quickly create attractive thank you pages which can be used to send receipt info, instructions for claiming offer, next steps, upsell offers or ask customers to share on social!


Social Sharing

Your clients can instantly share their deals page across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more in seconds, with EZDeals's ONE-CLICK


Deal Manager Screen

You or your clients can easily edit, manage and update deals including expiry date, pricing, quantity left and countdown timer settings.


Page Editor

Edit the deal page, section by section. So easy to use that a complete newbie and non-techie can do it!


Text Editor

Edit text in seconds, with a huge choice of font styling options at your disposal.


Deal Stats

See quick reports on visitors and conversion rates for each deal page. Perfect for showing clients that your deal pages are worth the investment!


Countdown Timer

Use hot countdown timers to boost sales like crazy.


SEO Friendly

Change page keywords, title tags and descriptions for each deal page, helping your client's pages hit the top of Google and bringing in customers!



Stop losing sales from people who don't buy. Built-in retargeting technology allows you to easily retarget visitors with Adroll and Facebook to bring in cheap traffic that converts like crazy! No coding or tech skills required.

Secure Your License Now!

Can You Afford

To Walk Away From This?

Right now, other marketers like you are using EZDeals Advanced to create awesome deals pages for their clients in seconds…

… and launching a new monthly biz offering deals pages…

... that takes just seconds to set up with our software!

Can you afford to leave so much easy money on the table?

"...If You Are A Local Marketer,

This Could Be One Of The Easiest Foot In The Door Strategies..."


Courtney Kostelecky

EZ deals= EZ foot in the door for residual income…

I've been in the local marketing space for over a decade.

In the past, I dabbled with a local directory site. The problem was that the Wordpress directory themes and plugins were clunky and not easy to configure.

I recently got advance access to EZ deals and I really like what I see.

You can have your local directory and deal site set and customized up in a matter of minutes. Because it's cloud-based, no clunky WP themes and outdated plugins to deal with.

EZDeals Advanced is a potential Groupon(™) deal killer.

Local businesses don't realize that they are losing money with traditional deal sites.

If you are a local marketer, this could be one of the easiest foot in the door strategies, because every business knows about deal sites and they more than likely have used something similar.

"...I Highly Recommend Snatching Up EZDeals Advanced

And I Look Forward To Using It For All My Deal Pages..."


Abderrazzak Talal

Wow I have been using EZDeals Advanced to create deal pages and all I can is "WOW"!

This software is so simple to use and the amazing templates they provide just makes

I highly recommend snatching up EZDeals Advanced and I look forward to using it for all my deal pages in the future and you should to!

"...With EZDeals Though It Is Just Click,

Here and Replace This Image And Click, Click Done!..."


Jai Sharma

At first when I saw EZDeals Advanced I was like I do not need another page builder.

I mean I have several of those already so why another. Then I took a closer look and starting using it and then it was game over. You see with using other tools to create my deal pages I had to always start from scratch or use a template that really didn't do what I wanted.

With EZDeals though it is just click here and replace this image and click, click done!

Ok yes I am hooked and you will too :)

"... Easy Choice For My Business,

EZDeals Advanced Ticks All The Boxes For Me ..."


I know from first hand experience that Biz owners are paying $100's to build simple deals pages

on their websites, but what I needed was a way to create them quickly without any code or design skills!

With the EZDeals Advanced built in templates I can now get them built in seconds,

so I can setup as many deals setup as I want!

Any software that saves me hours of time (or hundreds in outsourcing) is an easy choice for my business, EZDeals Advanced ticks all the boxes for me...

Thanks guys you are the BEST :)

EZDeals Advanced Will Work Forever, Period.


Regular updates and full ongoing support.


Compatible with all browsers, devices and screen sizes.


100% cloud-based so you can create deals pages from anywhere in the world.

As Long As There Are Customers Who Want Deals,

There Will Always Be A Need For Deals Pages


The demand for deals pages is not slowing down.

Clients will always want to create deals pages because it's human nature for people to want things at amazing prices.

Making this a totally evergreen offer

that has the potential to stuff cash in your pocket for years to come!

No Hidden Costs, Ever.

  • No other tools.
  • No freelancers.
  • No extra training.
  • No hosting.
  • Nothing to install.

Just Login To The Dashboard And

Start Creating Deal Pages In Seconds!

Which Means…?

This Should Be Easiest Decision
You've Ever Made!

With One Small Investment Today, You Get Everything You Need To

Create High Converting Deals Pages For Local Biz Owners Today!


Scarcity tools


Dozens of high converting niche templates


Backend management screens


Full customization and editing


Video embedding


Mobile optimized layouts


Step by step training to get paying clients tonight…

… All For A One-Time-Only Fee!

Enough said.

No time to waste…

… this deal is about to end at any moment.

We'll see you inside!

Thank you for reading this message.

We look forward to hearing your success with EZDeals.

Order Your EZDeals Advanced License Now!



Need Another Reason To


(Jeepers! You Drive A Hard Bargain. So How About This…)

Smash that buy button right now and we're also going to throw in these insane bonuses for a limited number of early buyers…

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BONUS #1 (Value $297)

Secret Template Pack

We're throwing in a bunch of top secret templates in even more red hot niches where clients are desperate for your help! Now you'll have plenty of niches to choose from and high converting templates that perfectly match any client's business and deals!


BONUS #2 (Value $97)

Social Media Covers

Once your client's deals page is set up, they're gonna need to let their audience know about it!

Give them a helping hand by offering them a social media cover that matches their new deal page, creating instant awareness of the deal and sending followers to the deals page from day one!


BONUS #3 (Value $197)

Prospecting & Sales Tools

You'll get... Our proven 5 part email sequence - that we use to reach out to local biz owners and get them to say "YES" to our deals page offer!

We've spent weeks testing this… and we even hired top copywriters to refine everything, from subject line to call to action. Start sending these emails today and watch clients roll right in! Secret Sell Sheet - use our trusty sell sheet to convert prospects into clients for your deals page service like clockwork.

It automatically explains the offer, the value, the benefits and how it works… so you can sell without getting tongue-tied or missing vital info!

Last Chance…



P. S.

Seriously, You're Still Reading? Why? We've Got Nothing Left To Say…

We've Said It All. But Here's One Last Shot For Good Measure…

This is your chance to launch a profitable deals page biz that takes you minutes to manage each month!

Grab EZDealz Advanced now and start creating producing deals pages for local biz owners in seconds…

… and help them escape the greedy commission snatching deals sites like Groupon once and for all!

P. P. S.

Still Here? Wow. You Must Love Reading :)

But I Bet We Know What You Love More… Making MONEY Right? Well, Why Wait?

There's thousands of local biz owners who need deals pages to run their promo offers… and EZDealz Advanced lets you set these pages up in seconds… without expensive landing page tools, funnel builders or any special skills. It's the easiest, most SIMPLE foot in the door offer that local biz owners already want and need from you today!

… and there's no reason why you can't charge them a monthly fee for it…

(... instead of the crushing 90% commissions that other coupon sites are taking from every sale they make.)

Order your EZDealz Advanced license right now before the price goes up and you kick yourself for not getting in while you had the chance!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EZDeals Advanced?

EZDeals Advanced is a SaaS Based Deal Page Creator that allows you to create Deals Pages for Local Businesses. It comes with a number of high quality and high converting Deal Page Templates in various niches, in local, offline, and online niches as well. It can be used by new or existing businesses to boost the online sales of their product or promote their business/service. With EZDeals Advanced, it is easy to use and creates high converting scarcity driven deal pages in just a few clicks.

Do I Have to Pay a Monthly Subscription?

No! Not at all. No Subscription or Monthly Fees. If you invest in EZDeals Advanced today you get career access to the platform for an incredibly low one-time-only price. However, we will be charging a monthly subscription for EZDeals Advanced very soon.

Do I need to purchase Hosting?

No, we are going to host it for you. You just have to create your Deal Pages using EZDeals Advanced.

Can I Access EZDeals Advanced on Any Device (PC, Mac)?

Yes you can. EZDeals Advanced is a cloud based software, so you can access the platform on PC and Mac with a web browser. All you need is an internet connection.

Do I Need Any Technical Skills or Experience to Use EZDeals Advanced?

Absolutely not. EZDeals Advanced is as "newbie friendly" as it gets and we have included step-by-step training and tutorial videos inside the members area to help you to get your profitable Deal Pages for Local Businesses up and running quickly and easily.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes there is. During the launch phase we're offering an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. That means if you don't like the product for any reason, simply raise a support ticket within 30 days of purchase and we'll return your investment.

EZDeals Advanced