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C’mon, You Didn’t Think
We’d Stop There, Did You?

Can’t You Tell We’re DEAD SERIOUS About Giving You Everything You Need To Get CRAP LOADS Of Paying Clients With Your New Deals Site Biz?

Good, Because Here’s A Crazy Piece Of Software That allows You To...

Instantly Find "Hidden" Clients
Who Desperately Need Deals Pages...

(...Plus Additional Marketing Services From You!)

You Gotta See This...

I'll Cut To The Chase

My Fellow Group-Coupon-Destroyer...

We’ve created a client-getting tool that allows you to find thousands of business owners who desperately need deals pages, mobile websites, SEO, social media, video marketing and WordPress support in seconds…

… And Get Them To Pay You In A Few Simple Clicks!

Simply Run The Tool Once

To Discover Thousands Of Business Who...

Want A Free Directory
Listing From You

Remember our little secret about offering a free directory listing to “get your foot in the door” with local business owners?

Wouldn’t it be even easier if you could approach biz owners who already list their businesses in directories?

Think they’d say YES to a free directory listing from you, too?

Just run the tool and BAM…

… you’ve got a huge list of local biz owners who already want directory listings…

.. and are going to snap your arm off for a free one!

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel

Need Help Creating A

Mobile Friendly Website

If a website sucks on mobile, it’s LOSING MONEY.

Uncover thousands of local businesses who don’t have a mobile-friendly website in seconds.

Another perfect “foot in the door” service you can offer to upsell your deals pages.

See how this works?

Watch This Demo Now...

Website Speed

Need To Speed Up
Their Website

You’d be amazed how many local businesses have slow websites…

… and it’s killing their sales.

In fact, 70% of mobile users won’t buy from a slow website!

Find all the local businesses who’s website’s are slower than a sloth after a few beers and curry…

… and ka-chiiing!

Need A Website

Need Website

Any local biz that doesn’t have a website is bleeding money left, right and center.

Hmm, maybe you could offer them one for free as the perfect “foot in the door” for your deals page offers?

Just a thought :)

Social Media

Want Help With
Social Media

C’mon, you know this is a big one.

If you’re not on social media, you’re basically invisible these days.

Instantly uncover every local business who’s being “anti social” and losing sales...

... and help them get found today!

(Oh, and don’t forget to upsell them a deals page, too. Seeing a pattern here?)

Need Help With
Video Marketing

Video marketing is HUGE for local businesses right now.

Our tool will show you who’s not using video…

... or who’s struggling to get results with their videos…

… so you can help them create simple videos that get them found AND HELP THEM SELL their stuff like never before.

These Are Dream Clients

Who Have Real Problems And Will Pay You To Solve Them!

(Now You Can Find Them And Reach Out To Them In Seconds!) 

  • $150 for social media set up and optimization? No problem!
  • $250 for a WordPress website? No problem!
  • $500 for a mobile friendly website? No problem!
  • $750 for a YouTube channel with a few simple videos? No problem!
  • $1200 for basic SEO optimization? No problem!
  • $150 for a deals page? Sweet!
  • $500 for a featured listing on your deals site? Got it.
  • (I could go on, but you get the picture by now…)

That’s $3,500 From A Single Client!

(... and it only took SECONDS to find ‘em with our powerful new client-finder software!)

Forget advertising, networking or competing against hundreds

of other consultants on Upwork. 

Instead, Just Fire Up… 

Automatically Uncover And
Close Hungry Clients
Who Want And NEED Your Internet Marketing Services
In Just 2 Simple Steps

Enter a keyword and location to instantly uncover thousands of local business owners who desperately need your help.  
Find businesses who don’t have social media accounts, have slow loading websites, don’t have WordPress, don’t have mobile optimized websites, or don’t even have a website at all!

Click a button to instantly email each client using a ready-made template that works.

This email will show them how they can improve their situation, plus a chance to offer your services.

Within seconds, you can find clients who need your help, and start closing sales like clockwork!

Click a button to instantly email each client using a ready-made template that works.

This email will show them how they can improve their situation, plus a chance to offer your services.

Within seconds, you can find clients who need your help, and start closing sales like clockwork!

Check It Out...

This client has no WordPress website, a non—responsive website

and a slow website — easy pickings!

And There’s Thousands More Clients Like This
Who Are Waiting For You To Contact Them… 

You Can Even See Which Businesses
Don’t Have A Social Media Presence…

You’ll be SHOCKED when you see how many businesses don’t have a

Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest profile!  

Just Look At All These Easy Pickings…

You’re looking at an endless supply of highly targeted, ready—to—buy

clients without the usual hard sell or rejection.

Making This Another


To Get Clients...

(For Deals Pages, Deals Sites And All Your Other Upsells And Services!)

1. You’re Showing, Not Telling

Clients can see with their own eyes what the problems are, and why they need to be fixed.

2. You’re Providing Value

Clients can follow your advice and suggestions themselves, or they can just hire you.

It Doesn’t Get Much More

Fail—Proof Than This! 

If a client has a problem with their website that’s losing them sales or cutting off their traffic supply — they will want it fixed NOW!

And guess who they’re going to hire?

You, of course!

Why wouldn’t they?

You’ve just highlighted some major problems with their website, won their trust and appreciation. Why would they need to hire anybody else?

Sure, some clients MIGHT choose to fix these problems themselves — but 99.9% of local business owners are way too busy — or completely clueless — to handle this stuff.

They Want It Fixed Fast.

(And They Want YOU To Do It!) 

If you can push a few buttons, you can use this tool to get all the red—hot, hungry clients you’ll ever need, and easily win their business without any of the usual resistance or awkward cold calling.

Whatever You’re Doing To Get Clients Now

It’s Costing You WAY MORE

Than This Software Ever Will

  • Spending hours on cold calls that go nowhere
  • Spending $100’s on paid advertising
  • Spend $100’s on outsourcing

With this software, you're gonna be saving days of work…
… and thousands of dollars too!

And Remember…

This Software

If you’ve been following along, we’ve already given you tons of tools to get clients

for your deals pages, deals site and directory site…

… so even without this tool?
Well, you’re gonna be JUST PEACHY…

… but hey, why stop there?

This tool allows you to find biz owners who have a WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER PROBLEMS…

… that you can fix fast (and for a tidy sum, I should add.)

(... And You’d Rather Keep That Cash For Yourself Am I Right?)

From the minute you invest in EZDealz Advanced Client Finder,
getting high paying clients becomes fast, free and easy.

So in a year from now?

From the minute you invest in EZDealz Advanced Client Finder, getting high paying clients becomes fast, free and easy.

So in a year from now?

When you’ve got more clients than hours in the day?

And your biggest problem isn’t how to find clients…

… but how the *F* can I keep up with the crazy demand?

You’ll look back and count up all the MONEY YOU’VE SAVED…

… without having to PAY to get clients.

Maybe it’s $700…

… $1,400…

… $3,400….

(... probably more.)

Then you’ll say…

“Thank *F* I Only Invested $197 For


To EZDeals Advanced Client Finder...

(... Before I Blew Thousands Of Dollars And Months Of Work
Searching For Clients The Hard Way…”)

So, let’s cut the dilly-dally, shall we?

It’s decision time.

Are you in, or out?

If you’re in, then hit the order button below to select your license.

(The $197 option will save you the most money in the long run, but I’ll leave that up to you :)

Cloud based. Works for Mac and PC.

You’re Fully Protected By Our

30-Day Client Getting Guarantee

If within 10 minutes of using the tool you aren't floored by how easy it is to uncover thousands of local business owners who desperately need your help, we insist you contact our rapid response team for an instant, no-questions asked, FULL refund.

Or if you find another tool that does everything that EZ Deals Client Finder does at an even lower price than what you’re getting it for today…  
… then you are entitled to a full refund during your 30 day test-drive period.

No questions, no quibbles, no fine print.

Cloud based. Works for Mac and PC.

Ok, You Know The Deal By Now...

To Get This Deal Before It's Gone

If You Want A Fast, Easy And Dirt Cheap Way To Find Red Hot Clients Who Need Your help Today?
I Wouldn’t Risk Another Second On The Fence.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know where your next client is coming from?

Not having to worry whether you’ll be able to pay the rent next month?

When you have a never-ending pool of clients to dip your hands into — with a proven system for reaching out and closing sales — you will NEVER WORRY about getting clients again!

And Don't Forget — One Client Could Mean 

(Imagine What 10, 20 Or Even 50 New Clients Could Do For Your Sanity?)

It could be the difference between a backbreaking business that barely breaks even…

… and one that’s thriving with an endless flow of clients handing you wads

of cash for work you love doing.

Man, if that’s not worth something, I dunno what is.

So… Clocks A’ Tickin’...

Cloud based. Works for Mac and PC.

Oh Whoops… Almost Forgot…

Order Before The Clock Hits Zero And You’ll Also Get This:


Remember the local business directory we talked about earlier?

The one that will help you get your foot in the door by offering biz owners a free listing?

Well, What If You Could...

Automatically Populate Your Local Business Directory With

Hundreds Of Local Businesses In Seconds!

Automatically Populate

So… instead of spending hours and days adding each free (or paid) listings to your local biz directory…

You can instantly fill your biz directory with real businesses…

… saving you all the backbreaking work…

… or having to pay someone else to do it for you!

Sheesh, that’s pretty sweet.

And it gets even better :)

Well, What If You Could...

Automatically CONTACT Every Biz Owner

That You Add To Your Directory

To Let Them Know Their Listing Is Live!

Just Think What This Means… 

1. You Add A Bunch O f Local Businesses To Your Directory In  Minutes… (Not Hours!)

Now your directory looks nice and legit. Trust signals galore!

2. The Software Automatically Sends The Biz Owner An Email… 

“Hey Bob, just thought I’d let you know… we’ve added your Sweet Muffin Shop to our local business directory! To claim, verify and manage your listing, just click here.”

Well, Holy Crap...

… now you’ve got a completely AUTOMATIC system for building a free directory…

… reaching out to each business owner to let them know about it…

… and capturing their email so you can follow up with other offers for months or even years to come.

Remember, the whole point of the free directory listing is to get your foot in the door with local biz owners…

… so you can upsell them your deals page, deals site listing and heaps more marketing services too.

Now we’ve just automated this “foot in the door” system so you can literally be sending out automated letters to hundreds of businesses TONIGHT offering their free listing…

… and getting your foot in the door ready to offer them your paid services!

I Think We’ve Said Enough.

Time To Get Movin’

ORDER NOW to secure this insanely valuable bonus and combine it with your Client Finder software to get all the clients you’ll ever need!

(and then some.)

Cloud based. Works for Mac and PC.

Order Your

Client Finder License

(+ Special Bonus EZDeals Advanced HubConnect!)

You're Getting:

  • Client Finder Software

Cloud based tool to instantly uncover local biz owners who need your services today!

  • EZDeals Advanced HubConnect

Automatically add listings to your free local biz directory, email the biz owner to verify, capture their email and upsell your other services!

Quarterly Subscription

Only $47.00!


One Time Only

Only $197.00!

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